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Glass coffee to go cup | Grey

Glass coffee to go cup | Grey


This grey reusable glass cup not only helps to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, it also keep drinks tasting exactly the way they are made. For example a take out breakfast tea is well known for not travelling well in plastic or stainless steel, so a glass cup is the perfect answer for tea lovers who end up having to opt for coffee or other alternatives whilst out and about. Also ideal for coffee of course! 

Glass is less permeable than plastic, meaning the cup will not absorb residual tastes, odours or germs so the drink inside will taste just as it should. This cup is also thicker than many other glass cups on the market, which means it will keep drinks warmer for longer and is more comfortable to hold (especially when used with black/herbal teas).

Designed in the UK and produced responsibly in China from durable borosilicate glass. Comes with a unique textured silicone thermal sleeve and ergonomically designed splash proof silicone lid. Packaged in a recyclable card box with a thank you note from the manufacturer.

BPA free. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe.  For best results, remove sleeve and lid before dishwashing.

Approximately 13cm high x 9cm diameter. 12oz - 340ml.

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