Two ply cotton Family Cloth


This is a handmade toilet roll replacement made out of cotton. It is durable, washable and reusable. And even if it doesn't survive it will biodegrade. Why not ditch your toilet roll which is hard on the environment and replace it with this stylish alternative?


Fabrics I use are 100% recycled. I am a costume maker in my "normal" life and repurpose all sorts of scraps to make into purposeful new things and to help save the planet. All my products are made of already existing fabrics to promote sustainability and purpose as well as using the resources that are already there.


This is why my products will always be subject to availability and why they may slightly differ depending on what is available to me.


This product comes in a pack of 9, and is a two ply, made of two layers of cotton.


My packaging is always kept to a minimum, made from recyclable materials.


For more information please contact me, I'm happy to help.



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