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Organic Nursing pads

Organic Nursing pads


These reusable nursing pads come in a variety of options.


1. Small or Large

2. With PUL or without


1. The small pads are 3" wide and the large size has 4" width.



With PUL: PUL is a breathable waterproof plastic material. It will give you peace of mind that when your pad is wet it won't leak through your clothing. It is only the outer layer that has PUL, in between are two layers of organic cotton flannel which makes them very soft and comfortable against your skin.


Without PUL: The layer that would be PUL would be replaced with another layer of organic cotton flannel. This ensures there are 3 layers of cotton whilst the pad is still thin enough to be discreet and ensure absorbency.


There are 6 pads / 3 pairs in every pack.  


All cotton fabrics are GOTS certified organic and bought from a UK retailer.


My packaging is always kept to a minimum, I don't include receipts, and the packaging is made from recyclable materials, as well as from recycled materials. Even the tape I use is paper tape so you are not left with any nasty plastics with your order.

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