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Organic cotton mesh produce bags

Organic cotton mesh produce bags


These bags are outsourced, and not made by me. I decided to offer them for everyone who needs see through bags and does not want to purchase recycled mesh bags from my range as they are non natural materials.


Also they offer a great solution for anyone looking for bags on a budget.


These bags are made in India from organic cotton. They are ethically and sustainably made with quality inspections on a regular basis ensureing very good working conditions and payment for workers. They are fair trade as well as GOTS certified organic.


Pack of three great value organic cotton mesh produce bags designed for carrying fresh fruit or vegetables from the supermarket, market or farm shop and storing at home. 

The bags have a handy drawstring closure and help to keep produce well organised in the fridge with the added bonus of being able to see the contents without the need to open and look inside! Take them with you on grocery trips and proudly refuse the single use plastic or paper bags that are still widely on offer!

Produced responsibly by a family run business in India from GOTS certified organic cotton. The labels inside include the 'tare weight' of the bag which helps the shopkeeper to determine the weight of the produce inside. 

Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Small size approximately 18cm wide x 22cm high.
Medium size approximately 26cm wide x 32cm high.
Large size approximately 34cm wide x 38cm high.

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