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Ombre blue stainless steel insulated bottle

Ombre blue stainless steel insulated bottle


The biggest environmental impact of the daily purchasing of hot and cold drinks is the huge amount of non-recyclable, disposable cups and plastic waste created. Clean water runs directly from our taps, so making your own drinks at home and refilling a reusable bottle is an easy step to help reduce the mountain of plastic which is taken to landfill every day.



This Bottle keeps your drinks hot for up to 12 hrs or cool for up to 24 hrs making it perfect for your every need on the go. Whether you need to top it up with cold water, or want to buy a hot drink, you only need one bottle, saving space in your bag.


This 500ml insulated stainless steel bottle has a high gloss finish in a beautiful ombre blue for an exceptional, high end look constructed from food grade stainless steel. It has a leak resistant, stainless steel and polypropylene  lid designed so that only stainless steel comes into contact with liquids inside the bottle. 


Capacity: 500 ml

Weight: 300g


Care Instructions: Hand Wash in Warm Soapy Water



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