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Make up remover

Make up remover


**Please be aware that we have had to change to 60ml bottles for the small make up remover, but that there isn't less product in the bottle. The bottle is just slightly taller than before**


Make up remover


The eye make up remover is an all natural product that removes even waterproof mascara. It occours naturally in Vitamin E which restores skin cells and is benefitial in the fight against fine lines. Please do not apply on your whole face if your pores clogg up quickly. However if only applied in the eye region, it leaves the skin smooth and soft. The oils nurture your skin and are also being absorbed quickly.

The argan oil takes also great care of your lashes.


There are two sizes available one of which complies with hand luggage liquid requirements (50ml size). You can also purchase an optional plastic application head. Otherwise the bottle comes in 100% recyclable materials with no plastic ( glass bottle, aluminium screw)

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