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Zero waste Dish sponge

Zero waste Dish sponge


This environmentally friendly dish sponge is made from recycled fabrics.

It is durable, washable and reusable.

Even if it doesn't survive it will biodegrade (please note this depends on the chosen filling). Why not ditch that kitchen sponge that isn't good for the environment and replace it with this stylish alternative?

For tougher scrubs you can add a wooden dish brush.


Kim from the plastic free pantry approached me about how to reuse her hessian coffee sacks. As she roasts coffee herself, she ends up with a lot of those bags. Now technically they are not bad for the environment, they can easily break down and return to mother earth. But the thing is, they could still have a use couldnt they? So Kim and I thought why not use them in the sponges to give a rough side for scrubs to them. Also, they come out so individually as well. No two sponges look the same. Every coffee bag looks different and has different writing on it.


If you order these in a pack of 2, you will always have one at hand if the other one is in the wash. You can chose between recycled wadding or organic kapok filling. Each of them have their own advantages:


**Recycled wadding: This is a fill that will give you more the feeling that a shop bought sponge would. It dries quickly and works really well. The downside is that it doesn't biodegrade quickly. But it is made from recycled materials, saved from going to landfill straight away.


**Organic Kapok: This fill is very fluffy at first. After use with water it takes a while for it to fully dry, ideally put in a warm place. It also loses the fluffy feel after some time. Being a natural material it will biodegrade quickly however.


You can always send your sponge with recycled wadding back to me. If it has become worn out, I can recycle most of it into a new usable sponge for you.


My packaging is always kept to a minimum, from recyclable materials as well as already recycled materials.


My believe is that there already is a lot of plastic out there and disposing of it to just not use any plastic is not a great solution. As we know by now plastic degrades very very slowly and will be on this planet for hundreds of years, so I say why not use it to its fullest advantage. 
This sponge as an example, the outside fabric is cotton, from scraps that usually would go to waste. If it isn't recycled, biodegradable cotton would be trapped between tons of plastic, and so it wouldn't return to earth as quickly.

The inside is recycled wadding, a plastic material,that gives this sponge the feeling a shop bought one would do, it dries quickly and foams up nicely. .
At the end of its life the inside of the sponge can be made into a new sponge, whilst the outside fabric can be cut into pieces and biodegrade in peace in your compost creating
circular economy .

They are handmade by me and a lot of thought and care goes into my business trying to promote recycling and sustainable living , it is really important to me to make use of our resources and to not be wasteful.

Fabrics I use are 100% recycled. I am a costume maker in my "normal" life and repurpose all sorts of scraps to make into purposeful new things and to help save the planet. All my products are made of already existing fabrics to promote sustainability and purpose as well as using the resources that are already there.


This is why my products will always be subject to availability and why they may slightly vary to the images sometimes.

For more information please contact me, I'm happy to help.

  • Care instructions

    Wash at 30 degrees


    Do not tumble dry


    Do not iron

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