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Handbutter by Stadtfarm | Recipe

This post is inspired by Julia from Stadtfarm

Image by Stadtfarm

I am really excited to announce that Julia from Stadtfarm is going to be selling her #natural cosmetics on my website. I have worked with Julia for years now, and am always very inspired by her knowledge and creativity. She is an inspired urban farmer as well as a trained pharmacist. She combines her knowledge of nature and health to create natural cosmetics. Some of her range of products available on my website are: face creme, deodorant, dry shampoo, handbutter and an eye creme.⠀ Some ingredients are sourced from her own farm and all of them will be packed in glass, paper or nkd.⠀

Here is one natural cosmetics and apothecary recipe she is kindly sharing with us all.⠀

During one of her workshops three of the participants mentioned that they suffered from partial dermatitis. Dry and itchy skin can be treated with the right oils which got worked into this fabulous handbutter.⠀ Now, if you have affected areas on your body and you would like to avoid using cortisone cremes, try switching to the following oils: Primrose oil, apricot seed oil, argan oil, all melted in sheabutter. You can use this recipe to make the handbutter, or purchase it on my website soon.⠀ I know that everybody is into coconut oil these days, but I don't recommend it as a base oil if you are struggling with dermatitis or psoriasis, simply because it has disinfectant properties and also it clogs the pores as it is pretty comedogenic. ⠀ .⠀ Measure into a bowl:⠀ 2 pt Shea butter⠀ 2 pt cocoa butter⠀ 1/4 pt apricot oil⠀ 1/4 pt primrose oil⠀ 1/4 pt hempseed oil⠀ 1/4 pt rosehip oil ⠀ Melt, stir, cool. ⠀ .⠀ For an oil lotion, double the amount of oils used, melt all together and trip to whip it with a blender once it starts to cool down. That way the cream becomes a bit fluffier. .⠀

Image by Stadtfarm

Application: Take your hand butter piece and rub it gently between your hands like a piece of soap. The butter will begin to melt a bit in your palms. Put it down. Sit back and slowly continue to rub the precious oils into your hand and arms until absorbed. 

Now if you don't have time to make the hand butter, or find it too expensive to buy in the ingredients you can simply buy it here.

Want to get ready for winter? Stock up on some hand butter for your dry hands and handkerchiefs from recycled materials. No more issues going through those cold days and not causing any waste. Save some money too when buying this set here

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